Sometimes I grow tired of boxy buildings and random foundations

    • Players do like high ground and good defenses, so they spend their time putting a bunch of foundations on a small mesa. And on top of it… there is tesseract… In the end, the building is abandoned, and left it there as a monument to ward people from claiming the lands, in which nobody respect of how it looks (if they care).
    • One time I saw players claiming their land simply by putting a random foundations encircling the land they wish to build. Then the next 3 days it transformed into giant box of iron! with a bunch of tier 3 foundations towering up 19 blocks x 11 blocks. wiff a fahcking big ■■■ gate az an entrance fer bettah protekshun!!.. Then in the middle of the roof… there is this and it beaming up the sky… … … well fak!
    • There is this habit of some player putting the high tier banks nearby desired or high resource areas. And since it is a super hard building, ain’t nobody got time to decorate a nice looking bank; They need protekshun! So what they do is covering it wiff a loads of tier 2 foundashun! And since they’re rich, they enters it the “barbarian” way! break a small opening and rebuild! doesn’t matter which is the butt of the bank, all the same to them.

Well I do believe that maybe it is because that the crafting system is still isn’t friendly enough for players. That it gives people such hassle to build decoratives. In other sandbox games it might be more reasonable since they do not have much building additions like Conan Exiles do.

However, in PvP, I would still prefer to raid boxy towers, than a more creative buildings, since the efford are visible, and I would feel a bit terrible to ruin it (unless if the devil whispers). But still, putting a bunch of explosives on tesseracts will be my end game PvP goal.