Sometimes you just end up with too many


And have to do something

I had to do this three times, since when entering the area (3 reinforced pens) it would take up to 10 minutes to load my weapon into my hand. No abnormal stutter or lag, just the pike pose without a weapon. Same with a skinning knife or cleaver.

I almost cried :roll_eyes:

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How many were there? I play mainly in the SP game and have not seen issues like that since the game launched.


I had over 60 at one time and, same as you, did not think something so particular could be the result of something so general.

I would expect severe lag, intense/prolonged stuttering, rubberbanding.

Scared the heck out of me since it arose when all the other people were having problems, but the issue seems to have left with the pets.


Also SP with game on my PC, completely local except for Steam.
No mods, no DLCs, W10, runs well at ultra, even now :smiley:

omg xD

iam now happy for just 5 crocs at noob river xD

I was running north along the west river and stopped to fight an attacking spider. I was ganked by 5 crocs that had been chasing me.

I saw that pic when you first posted it and wondered whose side they were on.

How did they fare?

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