Sons of Atlantis. 60 Slot, PS4, New UK Server

New Server…Established 4th June…Sons of Atlantis, PvP, RP Friendly, x2 resource, x2 durability and Max Clan size 5. Events to be held with in game prizes to be won. Events will begin once the server is established with a decent player base. We are a small new clan with three members playing Conan Exiles on this server. Solo players welcome.

Feel free to message me for any details not listed.

What are your rules when it comes to raiding?

Hi Deviltrigger,

Offline raiding is prohibited. Raiding times will be added once a solid community has risen. Then raid times can be worked around players work, offline commitments ect… A balance shall be struck to accommodate all players.

Still plenty of slots available… :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Exiles who have already joined…See you in game.