Sons of Thunder - Fresh server, 40 slot for now

The Sons of Thunder

Fresh Conan exiles server for new and experienced players welcome to enjoy pve, and pvp. Open-world PvP is 24-7, and building destruction (PvP) is Wed., Thurs., Sat., and Sunday all day. We would like to begin Clan Wars at some point along with RP quests and rewards. Our current members vary from new to experienced players that are helpful on all fronts. No base will be removed unless they are inactive for at least 2 weeks.

Light touch Admin and players make decisions and guide the rules via our Discord. USA East Coast server but I’m playing from the UK with 100 ping just fine.

Connection Info:
Direct Connect Info:
*To find us in the game change the combat mode tab to “All” and make sure to have the “Show Servers with Mods,” box checked, and then search for “The Sons of Thunder.”

Server Settings:

  • Map (Exile Land)
  • Player cap: 40
  • Clan Size: 5 (Possible increase depending on the size of the community.)
  • Farm rate: 2x
  • XP Rate: 2x (We will have XP boosts occasionally)
  • 24-7: Open world PvP
    -Building Destruction is restricted to certain times. (Wed, Thur, Sat, & Sun. All day)
  • Items drop on death
    -Anyone can loot player corpses
    -Idle & Active thirst and hunger, are set to 0.5
    -Character’s body does NOT stay in the game after logging out.
    -Server Host Location: USA EAST COAST
    -Pippi MOD
    -new server
    -Discord link: