Sony's Days of Play

Anyone hoping the Year 1 Season Pass will be up for a discount once Days of Play begins tomorrow? I think it’d be nice if it was, I’d definitely jump on it.

Been waiting for Uk store to put them on sale, I switched from NA to Pegi18 one… need rebuy my dlc. Havnt had urge to spend 36$ to get what was 20$ in DLC. =/

Darn exchange rates or something. =(

Yeah, really. They can be brutal sometimes.

So far I’ve purchased the one, the Yamitai one. Still need the other three. And then the year 2 season pass. Hoping some other DLC will be on sale, like it was during Golden Week.

Thinking I might pick up a DS4 controller to go with my Snakebyte wired from the sale, since they are only 39.99. I’d like Arkham Knight, it’s down to 6 bucks, but that 50gb+ to download would be too much of a hassle.

Ah well. No price drops on any of the Exiles DLC. Sad.

I did luck out and get a new DS4 controller for $34.11, Google Express has them from Best Buy with an additional 20% off discount code.

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