Soooo is there an actual 35 mb patch this morning?

Because my server just crashed on me in the middle of action. I couldn’t find it on the server list. I restarted, repaired, etc, still couldn’t find it in the list even though official servers and other private servers were showing up. Now Steam is taking about 3 days to “preallocate” 35 freaking mbs for a Conan Exiles update. What the heck is going on?

Great so now my 35mb download is stuck at 16.3 mbs. Wonderful. Awesome.

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the same problem

"Steam reserves (allocates) the space required for the download in order to optimize disk usage by trying to minimize disk/file fragmentation and of course it checks the available disk space before the actual download.

This helps increasing the game’s performance and saves valuable time, because the download won’t start when the allocation fails (e.g. not enough space on your disk) and the files are written to the disk faster, because it already “knows” where to put them. Allocating each file separately can cause some delay on slower disks especially with downloads of several 1000s of files"

“Preallocate” :slight_smile:

I got stuck on 16 Mb and then paused the download and restarted it. Worked after that.

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