Soothing buff - can it be deactivated?

I realise this can be useful, but for me it removes the need for carrying or crafting anything for healing, Is there a way to toggle this on and off?

Yep… just wear a piece of gear that increases or decreases the temp value… When hot or cold(not extremely, just a bit below/above the normal/soothing area), u loose the buff

You may have to get to very hot or very cold. Neither will do damage to you. I think i sometimes still get the soothing buff when just hot or cold. Not 100% though. I will pay attention more tonight.

thanks for the feedback, works in most of the areas so until there is an option to switch off or on I will go with this

Another alternative is to simply heal promptly. Even at baseline health which is 200 hp, it would take 200 seconds, or just under 3.5 minutes to completely restore your health. More if you have sunk Attribute points into Vitality, which is highly probable. So…simply dont wait for Soothing to do the work for you; if you are injured use a healing item.

He is actually looking for a way to turn it off, as he want to use heals and other items in lieu of it.

I know. I would love it if there was a slider in the Admin Panel governing hp regeneration rates, and for that matter a number of other things. Yes…but he also argued that:

it removes the need for carrying or crafting anything for healing

Which is frankly bollocks. I would still argue that if measures are taken, its impact is so minimal that one would not even notice its existence. And it certainly doesnt mean that one can complete the game without ever using healing products.

I don’t think he was making an argument for or against the rate. They were talking about how it was affecting their style and experience, and that they wanted to know if there was a setting for them to change. Not all threads are suggestions to totally change the game for everyone else, and are legitimately someone wanting to know something for themselves only.

Maybe not, I do not claim to know his intentions. However the syntax used (especially regarding what I quoted above) struck me as it being a loaded statement. Although I am more than willing to admit I am wrong if necessary. There is no way to toggle it on/off. We have both provided a way to circumvent its effect. Done. I am going to leave this thread now before we end up in one of our trademark disagreements.

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