Sorcerer Skulls?

So now that we can no longer trade them to the caravans, what do we do with the skulls we collect?

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O I really want to tell you.

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If the grinder works, you can get bonemeal.


You’re cruel @Taemien

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I expected the skulls to no longer drop but they still do. Now what to do with them? I’m sure Funcom thought this out… :slight_smile:

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They did. You just need to figure it out. :wink:

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Do tell? :slight_smile:

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Just collected some this morning hopefully they are at least placables. :sweat_smile:

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It almost looks like they got a spot in the bowl by a khitan trader at Mek’s, but it’s not. So… yeah… idk what you’re talking about, unless you’re trolling.

Why wouldn’t they?

On the Savage Wild map I was playing there was admin created quests that used these. They still have a function in that capacity.

For the rest of you. Apparently they do work in the dismantling bench. Can try that.

Do you already know where to trade them? I’m clueless too and I have a bunch of them.

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