Sorcerers the design of sacrifice taking

Big fan of the game, big fan of the sorcery update and the all the new cool stuff that comes with it.

I’ve come into a very frustrating gameplay loop as a sorcerer. Taking thralls/sacrifices seems to be a central mechanic not only to the game, but especially for sorcerers. But as you become more powerful and corrupt your stats the level 5 stat for strength, vitality, and authority ALL interfere with your ability to collect sacrifices.

It’s not that it makes it more difficult because its based on RNG, it’s not that you have to deal with some mechanic that makes it more interesting, the powers just interfere with the gameplay loop. It’s frustrating, and I’m not sure what the design intention is.

With Corrupted Authority 5 (demon lord) they constantly spawn in and attack thralls you’re trying to take. Corrupted Strength 5 your AOE proc damage and can kill and damage thralls. Corrupted Vitality 5, your proc from being damaged can kill thralls you’re trying to take.

Maybe someone can help me understand the design here, because the gameplay just becomes frustrating.

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Not sure if I’m understanding your point correctly, so bear that in mind while I explain my thoughts.

I think that the game is centered a lot around being able to respec your build frequently. For example, you go full sorcerous dreadnaught for a while, realize that you need to go thralling, respec to your thralling build, and cleanse your corruption before you leave. Potions of bestial memory make it simple, but it can even be done with yellow lotus potions too


So the intended gameplay loop here, is if I say want to fuel my sorcery powers I should want to respec OUT of sorcery so I can club thralls easier, so then I can respec back into sorcery which is where I wanted to be to begin with?

You’re also not mentioning that everytime you need to recorrupt your stats you’re going to have to corrupt yourself.

So this is the loop: want to take a thrall → respec non-sorcery → take thrall-> re-farm soul reagents for re-corrupting stats (now take a bunch of thralls) respec sorcery and re-corrupt stats?

I CAN farm thralls as full sorcery and avoid that loop which is likely to take me 1-2 hours, by just pulling out a club and hitting a thrall. So it doesn’t seem like they don’t want me to take thralls as a sorcerer.

What I’m saying is it’s just playing annoying for example to have your demon lord summons attacking you and your thralls, so much so that it’s a better quality of life just to not have the ability. You can have it, and still take thralls, and do whatever, but why would you?

To really hone in on my point: It seems pointlessly annoying.

Like most things in Conan lol

I think this paints the crosshairs on the root of the issue here. It’s a unique perk, and I like the effect, but it seems like it gets in the way more than it helps. How would you like to see it changed?

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I would agree and definitely the swing of the direction with the 3.0 updates to armor and weapon bonuses. I HAVE to restat now when I just changed wardrobe before.

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This sounds like try hard meta gaming and by no mean at all how it is supposed to be played. So far I’ve met no game where respecing into different builds is a designed game loop mechanic unless that respec is free and lets you preset different builds.

OPs point is valid. The design of sorcery is basically for RP and PVP. The 20 str perk and vit perk will get in the way of some tasks and there is no way of avoiding it. I had to remove that perk to be able to play with friends and not corrupt them. The 20 autorithy perk is nonesense. The demons you summon are slow and not only they interupt your own attack with theirs but also messes your trhall who will want to hit the demon.

Things that probably worked on paper, were developed without consideration of certain aspects of the game and are just there probably left to oblivion as an RP mechanic. (AOE damage works in PVP well but gluton is so much better).

I am going to play devil’s advocate for a moment to give a bit of a tip. You can use thralls with truncheons and not cause any of the procs from corrupted attributes.

I know this isn’t exactly a favorable work around. And I wouldn’t mind there being someway of repressing some of these traits for simple clubbing. In a multiplayer setting this isn’t much of a problem, if you’re using sorcery this much, you’re the clan’s resident sorcerer. But in singleplayer, you’re on your own.

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Stay away from yellow lotus potions it’s broken and can wipe the recipes you have learned. @Salfin

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Didn’t know that. Thanks for the input, @sestus2009

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Know problem it’s been broken before update and still is.

Don’t eat yellow snow and don’t drink yellow potions! :nauseated_face:


Amen. Still looking for yellow snow. Um.

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My only suggestion would be make it so Demon Lord - summoned demons wont attack you or thralls, and wont proc when wielding a club/truncheon would go a long way in being less annoying.


I agree that you need to respec often (at least in vanilla mode) if you want to efficiently complete all aspects of the game. I just don’t think that’s a good game design element because it feels “gamey” and not immersive.

It’s possible that because the game is designed to be a multiplayer game revolving around clans, Funcom intended for players to specialize to certain roles within their clan. You’re not supposed to be great at everything. Respeccing is more a tool for fixing a build that doesn’t work as intended, or one that has become obsolete, than something you’re supposed to do daily.

As to the OP: yeah, I’ve noticed how some of the corrupted perks have anti-synergistic effects with thrall taking and followers, even though becoming a sorcerer makes you more dependent on followers and captives. That’s why, thus far, I’ve avoided corrupting my Vitality and Authority up to 20.

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