Sorcerous Spell Pages Should Stack!

Why can Failed Sorcerous Spell Pages stack to 100 in invetory, but Sorcerous Spell Pages can’t stack at all? I mean, if I can have a stack of 20 giant severed dragon heads in a container the size of a foot-locker, shouldn’t single pages of paper be able to stack to a reasonable number?

Please allow Sorcerous Spell Pages to stack to 100 in inventory.


Obviously the ink used to write sorcerous pages dries very slowly. If you stack them, the ink smudges and the writing becomes unreadable. That’s how those failed pages are created.

On a more serious note, I completely agree with your suggestion. The game is full of all sorts of papery items from recipes to diary fragments, and you can’t tell them apart by just looking at the inventory icon. It would be helpful if the key element of a major game feature was more inventory-friendly.


Couldn’t agree more. This was very badly implemented.

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