Sorcery a joke and so is this game now

Hi Bryan


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On a side-note… troll accounts and whatnot aside, I am kind of wondering why “Every buff to an enemy is a hit to solo players” etc…
Like… there are people who would prefer harder enemies, especially the scripted kind like Thag for example. And there are also builders who don’t even leave their base so couldn’t care less how much HP an unnamed city skeleton boss has :man_shrugging: It almost seems like Lord Virus might be trying to force their personal playstyle (or shortcomings of…) on everyone else.

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You beat me to it @Frillen!


To be percectly honest with everyone I think the Sorcery update was amazing, and I feel that all things considered Funcom nailed it


I want more spells please variety is the key to success.

Actually what I really want are spells with the same basic function but reskins/animated to meet a certain type of “school”

For instance, Riding the bat. Would be great for someone more inclined for infernal or demonologist but a necromancer? No but a cloud of spirits lifting you up in a swirling pale death blue nimbus of wraiths would fit perfectly.

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I wouldn’t mind seeing some spells that are defensive in nature (person or your base) or that are purely flavor, ie I can use sorcery to trick out myself or my base with cool looking/sounding stuff.

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I am Lord_Virus. Please to meet you. More people are coming to Conan Exiles please don’t confuse new forum users for this Bryan person. I do like Anarchy Online more than I like Conan Exiles. Healing wraps require you to be still. Hard to do in boss fights. Healing as a whole feels weaken because it was heavy nerf. I don’t understand why Age of Conan unchained magic system wasn’t used? Also adding a new stats called Intelligence,mana and mana regen. This would have balance the sorcery system.

I miss witch doctor.

Stronger enemies are health sponges requires more players on same team. Making solo and small clans weak.

Sorcery is junk. The resources cost per spell makes sorcery worthless. The effects per cost is weak. Kill four thralls to make a none permanent zombie group is weak. Killing four combat thralls is a big waste. It like making a sword with x4 the effort with only the same stats as they are now.

There is only a single one in the game that is even remotely uncomfortable for a single player to kill… that one’s Thunderfoot and it’s more of a challenge than anything as there’s no real purpose in trying to kill him.

The rest have absolutely no issue with their HP etc. They ARE balanced for single players. In fact it would be nice to make them a bit smarter on top of it, but their HP is just fine… anything less than this and it would be a joke since they barely last a minute or two


The Devs implement, the Producers decide.

Blaming the Devs is misplaced anger.

But, to your larger point.

I hate rhinos as mounts. They are tiresome, slow to level, and utterly useless, for me.

Other people like them or love them.

Were I to make a moral judgement as to the worth of people based on their alignment with what I like, it would be an error.

I’ve only played Conan for five-ish years, and in spite of the persistent bugs and areas of the game I do not enjoy, I find the game, overall, satisfying to play. Sorcery gave me the ability to transmod/illusion armor so the armor I like for effect can appear like the aror I want to wear. That, alone, makes sorcery valuable to me.


Incorrect your data lacks facts. Did devs nerf healing in game because of pvp? Yes! Did devs nerf thralls because of pvp? Yes! Did devs nerf yellow lotus potion because of pvp? Yes! Majority of nerfs were for pvp. Is this game mostly pvp? No! Makes no bloody sense to keep making nerfs for pvp.

Healing is easy, thralls are quite powerful, and it’s beyond easy to solo most of the content.

Yellow Lotus Potion resets your feats and attributes. What “nerf” did it receive in favor of pvp? I am very curious about this one.


I believe it either used to have a much longer timer, or had no timer at all. But this was changed a very long time ago.

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Maybe, but I fail to see how that was due to pvp in any way at all. I mean, if you have a preservation box it’s infinite.

It prevents battlefield respecs. IE we can’t come in 10 deep with melee builds, wipe the opposition out and then respec to encumbrance builds to carry everything off right away. I think that would be the potential reasoning for it being a PvP nerf. But it also prevents respec for PvE content in the middle of an adventure, which may have been Funcoms vision for how it was to be utilized. I can’t tell you which one or both was the reason for the change.

And to be clear, I’m not asserting it was a PvP related change. I genuinely don’t know the reasoning for the change. Just that it was changed.



Arguing opinion is the province of those who need to be “right” in all things,

You have a good time, because we are done.


No, they didn’t. This was for PVE.

The change they did for thralls for PVP was introduce a damage to player from thralls server setting to allow server owners a way to adjust things for their servers.

The over all nerfs to thralls were asked for by a number of us to see that the content wasn’t trivialized. Many who agreed with this even stated the common phrase “I want to be the hero of the story.” That’s all PVE.