Sorcery: Necromancery ideas

Hopefully sorcery has schools of magic to focus on.

I want the necromancery spells to be as dark and twisted.

I want all many summon spells.

Necromancery is consider evil in most games.

Permanent undead summons can only cast on your thralls and pets. The thrall and pets die but keep there skills they had in life. Undead pets and thralls lose max Hp of 10%. They however don’t need food or water. Undead thralls and pets can be revive by build a soul shrine. Fill your soul with shrine with corruption. The soul shrine drains corruption from a player. For each revive it cost 5% corruption.

Skeleton: Skeleton is base summon spell. Raise the dead bodies as skeleton to fight. Skeletons have 5% increase in speed.

Zombie: Now your adding fire power to your undead. Plus armor and damage while decreasing speed.


These are self transformations

All undead self transformations requires you to not eat or sleep. Your inventory gear is cursed on you. Meaning you can’t get looted. Also means you can’t pick up loot in undead forms. You auto revive where you die at. It takes 2 full mins to auto revive in undead form. Food doesn’t heal undead hp. Transformed undead gets postive buffs from corruption. More health and more stamina. All undead can eat dead corpses to heal.

Shade: Increase speed and takes zero fall damage. Able to go invisible. The down side is shade form you can’t attack in shade form. The upside is you can’t be attack in shade form. Shade is useful as spying.

Ghoul: Transform into a ghoul. Increase Strength and armor.

Lich: has it own set of spells.

Corpse spells: Requires dead bodies.

Wall of corpses: Every dead corpse around you makes a huge wall of corpses. It slowly decades over time.

Meat bomb: Corpses explodes doing gas damage.

These are a few necromancery spells I had in mind.

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