Sorcery Placeables - Cannot be placed by clan members

Only two members of our clan have purchased BattlePass and Bazaar items.

I crafted items from Sorcery (such as the Arcane Banner) and placed it in a chest for another clan member to place since they are better at decorating. The clan member could pick the item up even though it looked “greyed” out, but when they went to place it they received a message basically saying that they could not use/place the item. I did not catch the exact message. The clan members can place items from other DLCs that I have purchased. Was this intentional? If so, it is VERY disappointing. Not all players can afford to go all in on the “extras” and it would be a shame, if the clan “decorator” is that restricted. I did a quick search and I did not see any posts in regards to this. If there is one, please add the link so I can review it.


Yeah its very lame and its the only thing I strongly disagree with Funcom’s choice here…
Those items should be useable by other players… its better for both parties (non buyers and buyers)


welcome to the party pal -we got 37337 threads about blocking items\gear in the game after 3.0 and how it affects (negatively) gameplay.
No pros. Only cons.

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