Sorcery Transportory Stone really clunky

The thing I hate about it is its freaking noisy as hell. Every time I use it, I’m thinking will anyone hear it? When I disconnect it from the network and the sonic boom goes off…I always hope that no one is within earshot to bead in the location.

CE in a nutshell

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@Kamonichan agreed, I am also not sure if FUNCOMtweaked something or I am suddenly just better at using the transportary stones. When I made my earlier comment I was filled with righteous impertinence with FUNCOM.


after the latest Hot Patch and some little time away from the game, (also credit to @MarcosC for his popping into 1st person mode comment) transportary stones, following the latest hot patch definitely seem less clunky.

I suppose the best fixes are the ones you are not sure even happened. So good job FUNCOM, you fixed the game, made it reasonably stable again, and I am loving my new Stormglass building pieces.



I’m going to fess up… the fact that it is a little annoying is why I like it. Stone behind a stone is excellent.

It would be great if FC could implement away to let us know how much corruption we are getting with the stones. Sometimes I get 25% other times I get 75 % I’m guessing it’s more per gate distance but some clarification would be good.

The effect is stronger with longer distance jumps. It has been empirically tested in game.


hey i know what u mean, but what i dont understand is the way people use the word clunky can someone explain to me what is the definition u are using to call the tp clucky cus when i see on cambridge dictionary i dont see how it suits any of the definitons of clunky

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so akward then is the definition?


and why this one is not on cambridge dictionary

Can we also get arrow showing exit while building the gateway? Guessing which way is the front before placing it is annoying.

Awkward, or clumsy, or cumbersome:

English is fuzzy like that.

Because Google sources its definitions from a different dictionary, and different dictionaries might have different entries.

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Clunky is used colloquially to mean something difficult to use or something that doesn’t work as smoothly as it should.


Are we still talking about transportory stones? What do you mean by “exit” or “front”? Transportory stones don’t have a front or back.

If we’re talking about normal gates, they already have what you’re asking for:

Could be referring to which direction you face after reaching your destination.


By explicit definition, cumbersome may be the more accurate word to describe the concept being expressed, especially in it’s relation to unwieldy.
That having been said, English is a confusing monstrosity even by the standards of living languages.

The Cambridge dictionary suffers from the same problem all dictionaries do in regards to a living language. That being, they can’t always keep up with current usage of words, especially colloquialism and slang. This problem grows when the language is used across multiple continents, each with slightly different outside languages influencing them. English as spoken in New Zealand has much in common with English as spoken in the U.S. but there are also significant differences in some vocabulary. The nice people in England (which as a nation constitutes less than 20% of English speakers around the world) are left with the difficult puzzle of deciding what to include in their Cambridge version Dictionary.

That’s without even touching the ugly politics that happen around language documentation.


English sure is clunky.


It’s not the language’s fault that it was raised in a broken home, the product of parents who hated each other and had a nanny who didn’t care for either of them either.


Teleporting using Transportory Stone face your character in one direction and it’s difficult to figure which way is the “front”.


whats even worse is if 2 ppl use it on same time and 1 is over encumbe it wil kill the other person since u fall on each other head and imagine on sipta ul just lose ur sigils cus u tped GG