Sorry for this noob-ish question

… but I’ve done a lot of searching and I can’t find any reference to this.
When I die and respawn at a bed, should I only have half health? This has happened every time since i got the game. When I started out, I assumed it was because I was waking up on a bedroll but it still happened when I moved on to beds. Then, yesterday I respawned in the desert beginner area and I had full health, so that confused me even more.
Is this right? Spawning on a bed starts you with half health?

I could be wrong (since this game is full of bugs) but I think you are supposed to spawn at half health. At least I have since the game launched on ps4

Ok, I figured. Thanks!

Yeah I’m pretty sure I have always spawned with half health. The desert spawn with full health or anywhere else has only happened when I have had save corruption and lost pretty much everything

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