Sorry I’m a newb, questions about server hosting?

Hello I couldn’t seem to post this topic anywhere more relevant. I want to play Conan pvp solo battles! after looking down the servers lowest clan setting I found way 6 or 8, if I was to rent a sever can I make max clan setting 1? Also what is the service like I read on a forum it was pretty bad and you spend more time on the phone trying to get the server up than it’s spends up but again that’s from a very small pool.

Just went to my server to check maximum clan size says 60. That 3 times my 20 slot server. Gportal is my only server experience. It’s best set up on a PC than a cell phone

You can have a clan of 1. Gportal is the only option for a server on ps4 other than hosting coop from what I understand

Thanks I rented s server for 3 days as a trial but It won’t activate for what ever reason…

Don’t remember but you may have to click on Conan-Exiles to get it started

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