Sorry i'm lost farming

Hello, i’ french and i don’t understand how use farming . i use all seed+ compost (with wood) but not working?

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I had the same problem. Compost heap is a placeable. Put it in your menú and place it on your base. It’s a kind of wood box. On that box, mix plant fiber, bonemeal and putrid meat to obtain compost. Put compost with seeds on the crude planter.

This will help you guys:

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Many have misunderstood this. You first make compost (plant fiber + putrid meat + bone meal) in the compost heap (which is made with wood).
Then put the compost and the seeds in a planter.

Thats a great video. Horse is a national treasure. But many people did’n associate compost heap with a placeable an directly puts it on the crude planter. That was my problem and Venius62 one, I think.


thank a lot i can’t crea

I did the same thing.:rage:

thank a lot ca marche super

Took me a moment to realize what was happening as well.

My biggest gripe with farming is that it’s currently pointless. Planting seeds never yeild seeds so it’s not self sustaining. I get that they want us to keep going back out there but if I’m headed out to get seeds, I’ll have gotten a limitless supply of the plant I’m interested in along the way, thus negating the need for seeds.

Perhaps they could allow for diminishing returns on seeds. First planting yeilds 5 seeds, then 3 then 1 or something like that. Make it worthwhile to do all the babysitting of compost and harvesting. Otherwise it’s a reasonable system :slight_smile:

My thoughts as well. You wonder if the Devs use to or currently moonlighting for Monsanto. I am no farmer but I even know that a great portion of real farming is reseeding. Gathering seed for the next harvest is as much important as the food itself.
In Exiles Single player mode, I ignore farming, and use the little feat points else where. It is more efficient to fetch the plants, far less hassle than grow them.

Maybe one thing which is missing is the seedmaker like the one in stardew valley. I know, completely else genre, but still.

The devs might want to make that “hard” to craft, as it’s probably some lategame-ish high quality station, probably using those maproom-stones as one of the ingredients. Maybe some silver+gold or directly this alchemy base as well. Plus eighter shaped or isolated wood?

It would be about putting plants/berries inside (10/50), letting that station very slowly convert those into seeds (3/15). Yes. They would allow to endlessly sustain themselves, but the fertilizer always has to be farmed again. Also it would have to take a while.
10 plants/berries grant 1 seed (making it a loss or only to conserve/save room) and the devs could add another thrall to be used in these stations.
t1 +0% produce, -25% duration (loss!)
t2 +100% produce, -25% duration (equal)
t3 +100% produce, -50% duration (equal)
t4 +200% produce, -50% duration (gain!)

I’ve managed 700+ hrs and not needed to plant anything. I will plant stuff once the game releases, but probably only for cosmetics.