Sorschut Eyegouger spawned with 0% chance for growth in all attributes

Game mode: Any
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region North America
Version 194338/23382

This Named Thrall, once placed came up with 0 for all skills and 0% chance of growth for each.

I finally replaced the old style thrall which was limited like all other older thralls, and was disappointed to find it so bugged.

There are some other articles on this forum about this thrall being some sort of limited T3 grade Named or whatnot, but in any event, it’s pretty much in need of some attention by the developers. Please also revisit the list of thralls on those other articles. If you ask me to, I’ll spawn them and check them out, for addition to this article (if you will move them forward into a queue at some priority of your choosing).

Steps to reproduce

  • Capture Sorschut Eyegouger
  • Tame / break the thrall
  • Place into the world

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Thank you for this. He’s one of my favorite archers, and I used to have a dozen of him in various places. Have not yet deployed one.

Please try leveling him like this: 10 levels at once using gruel. Next five at once using grilled steak. Last five using grilled steak. I think Sorschut could very well be a Rosetta Stone, or at the very least a Darfari benchmark.

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Can confirm this bug as well.

Server is private with WYSIWYG Wheel of Pain mod.

Same steps as OP to reproduce issue.

Hey there,

If playing with mods, please make sure to disable them to confirm if an issue is caused by the game or by a mod.
We’ll poke our team about this thrall in particular.


Hi Ignasis,
I play on ps4 so no mods and can confirm this issue with newly placed versions of this guy. A pre-existing placed Eyegouger’s stats changed drastically and he no longer lines up with others of his faction. (I created a seperate post that’s referenced above by Bedwin on this). My level 11 went from 3.4k health to 1.4k health. 14 vitality is equalling only 440 health boost. Appreciate you and the team looking into these things even when it seems isolated to one little thrall.


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