Sort this out please... Dam



PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE… take a look at the games issues and try and fix them… the community is crying out for fare deal… we paid hard earned money for this game and invest time into it… you NEED to sort out a few things… 1st. Decay timer of 15 days so people can have a vacation and not lose there stuff. . CLAN ISSUES. As people come and go in this game. MAKE it so that when there is only 1 left in the clan. Allow them to keep all of the stuff. I made a clan. My friends came online for 2.days. didn’t get past level 10. Now I can’t cancel.the clan because theyve left the game and i cant move on as I’ll lose everything that only I built… they never even came to the base… lol.dumb I’m sure there’s more issues. But these are only mine


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