Sorting (Chest and Stations)


Chest and sorting - can be frustrating.

1: You toggle through the weapons, armor icons, etc. - whatever you land on - is what everything else will be set on. (Whether it be chest or stations… a bit annoying over time.)

2: Selecting by weight, type, etc. - first, using a Steam Controller - on PC - often I have to unplug it in order to select this - as the drop down menu is totally unavailable. Once I select sort by ‘heaviest’ - doesn’t really matter… though rinse and repeat step 1

3: Speaking of selection: The main crafting menu (starter crafting menu, as the rest come in the form of stations) is very convoluted. Even with the tab buttons.
Feels like it can be organized better the building materials, etc. Feel like Im lost when I go there no matter what. Some items feel like they fit, and there is a rhyme and reason, and others just don’t.

Would love to see this ‘sorted’ :stuck_out_tongue:
Again, loving the game… just some points of frustration that are starting to wear after many hours of game-play (and several different characters.)

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