Sound Bug: Main Menu, Server Chooser clicks and Cha-Ching sound effects missing 🔇

Game mode: Online Official, Online Private, Single Player
Type of issue: TestLive Sound Bug
Server type : PvP, PvE, PvE-Conflict
Region: North America

Summary: The sound effects from the Main Menu and “Server Picker” screen are missing.

Steps to repeat

  1. Go to CE Main Menu
  2. Hover your mouse up and down, observe the lack of sound effect
  3. Click Settings, observe the lack of Whoomf sound (same for every other category)
  4. Click Play Online, observe missing Cha-Ching sound
  5. In the Server Picker, observe the lack of “clicks” on hovering the mouse

Note: Tested on 2 PCs, I have verified my files on both PCs on which I am currently running TestLive. I’m still running my gaming rig on the Live version for reference.

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