Sound of Maelstrom

I’ve made a base near the Maelstrom. It’s not inside but not far from it. Sound is very annoying here. I remember that on vanilla map sound of a sandstorm became more soft when you were in full shelter. Please-please with a cherry on top transfer this function to the Isle of Siptah! :cherries:


sound is bugged in whole siptah. Example is vault music, they all should have music, but it triggers randomly only one who actually play song every time is Jhil dungeon where trees grows

Music they use from age of conan… so either music is bad or game does not see it nomaly

Example Jhil is Age of conan -

( also u can hear this on Exile land when summoning music )
And this is only one vault music now who is working ( sometime i even hear it in storm so its bugged )

Next is Asylum of fiend

Also Age of conan music, and u can hear it like when u enter vault kill boss, then run back to start and enter final boss vault again…

I mean they should be start playing from start to finish, when u enter final boss room, but only jhil play like that, all others are bugged… probably storm too… because in storm all i hear is this music

tbh I really like the Maelstrom sound, I never found it too loud. I thought it was pretty fitting, and I enjoy the white noise living next to it. If you move just like 30 foundations away from the edge, its way quieter, if you don’t like the noise just build a bit farther away.

Yes, I have. And there’s a huge sound difference between standing outside in it and standing inside protected from it.

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