Soundtrack -- Shut up and take my money!

I would very much love to own the soundtrack for this game. I see it’s stream-able on Spotify, but I’d like to actually “possess” the files. It used to be part of the Barbarian Edition, but it seems the Barbarian Edition has been supplanted with the Deluxe Edition. However, I can’t find anything on Steam which suggests the soundtrack is actually included with the Deluxe Edition. Please, I implore you–help me feel swarthy, sweaty, and manly while I do household chores!


Wow :rofl: I have no words for that other than, I agree!

Yes put it up on Spotify, love that!!!

Together whit AoC Music to!

Played both games since new. First thing I do is shut off the music.

i LOL’ed when I read that. :rofl:

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And youre Point is?

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