Source stat unknown

I’m trying to give the redeemed legion armor the pictish warchief appearance but it keeps telling me the “source stat is unknown”. Both items are crafted items however the redeemed legion is only craftable with a t4 armorer so I’m guessing that’s the issue? I hope this does not remain like this in live. Is there any way around this?

There do seem to be quite a few limitations for the appearance system. I do hope these limitations are removed.

The only limitation, that I can think of, is that you have to know the recipe of both items. If the recipe is unknown until a crafting thrall is placed on the armorer’s bench, then place the thrall on the bench. :wink:

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I didn’t know you could put anything other than sorcerers in that bench.

The armor recipe needs to be known for both pieces in order to transmog one item into another. Some armor recipes are not known until you place an armorer in the armorer’s bench, I wasn’t talking about the thaumaturgy bench.

If you don’t know the recipe, you can’t cast the illusion spell.

He was already in the armorer’s bench when I tried it the first time.

If you think about that for a minute you realize that’s a pretty big limitation given how many armors and weapons in particular fall into that limitation. It means not a single legendary or item known only thru crafters can be transmoged.

If both the recipes (Redeemed Legion and Pictish Warchief) are showing in the armorer’s bench and you still can’t craft it then take pictures and post a bug report. I just remember the only time I got that message was when I needed to place the correct armorer in the bench. :man_shrugging:

Knowing the recipe to cast the spell seems like a very mild limitation to me. However, Dennis did say he was thinking about removing that limitation so people could transmog legendary weapons.


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