Sources of Income for New Players

once you get to foreman’s you can bring loads of backpacks to the floater/bloater area and load up on loot to sell to trader shops. to make even more profit from foremans, set aside tradeskill materials which can be smelted into rings or cut into gems. after selling the junk to shops and processing the tradeskill loot, each trip to the bloaters can net you a few million credits without ever having to interact with other players.

of course the easiest method is to fill the needs of the market and provide nanos and basic armor sets to the rich players who have accumulated hundreds of billions of credits over the years, during times of mass inflation caused by credit and item duping exploits.

also viable: twink a NT for kiting ely hecks, or borgs/claw camp if froob. Not only can you power level your own characters, but others will pay you to kite for them if you advertise your service on trade channels.