South Africa Final Boss

n=1 is a small sample size, but in today’s fight after the patch the automaton never used his eye beam (proton beam?) in any of the three phases, which made the fight hella easier. I can see changing the fight to make the blue fire disappear after a while so less competent people don’t get overwhelmed, but I am not seeing a point to complete removal. Or, as I said, only 1 day so far, maybe it is more random now…

Oh good it wasn’t just me losing it.

Yeah, he seems to have forgotten how to use the… howitzer beam? Maybe he learned sand attack and had to forget it? Anyway, I have run that mission most days since it came up, and I have yet to see him not use it at least twice in a fight. Today, nothing. Not sure if it’s related to the threat related updates today.

Interesting note.

If I am grouped with someone, he will use the howitzer beam, potentially on any of us in the group. But since that patch, when I face him solo he has never used it. I don’t know if this is intended.

have been noticing this lately, too. don’t even need to ‘pull’ to one of the corners to start the fight so he places it there at first anymore (i never worried too much after the first reset since it was impairable after that and i saved my impairs just for it)

as john said, running solo, no beam, running with a partner, beams are back… i thought it had been mostly if you stayed in melee range, he wouldn’t do it (akin to knickknack), but that really doesn’t seem to be the case. he just seems to forget he has it unless there are multiple targets