South America need some support 1996

it is with happiness that I inform, that the game CONAN EXILES, is beautiful, the game is masterful, well constructed graphically, gameplay and all its addendums. But I understand those little problems that accompany a long-awaited release, the success in sales may have surprised you, believe us we very much believe in the potential of this game! I would like to call attention to the South America servers. We had at the beginning servers that started too full with huge queues to play and only two servers, it was bad but you solved it! Perfect! Then we had the server crashes which is understandable because I said the game is good the demand is great, everyone wants to play! And then the problems started … after one of the many falls of us and my 32 allies we started to have problems with the login, load interminable, sometimes 30 minutes to get nothing, is frustrating, but still try to understand, the will is enormous and for some it’s like time is short! Children work, marriage … are things that already prevent us from having fun, but the moment we sit down and not have it is depressing. I’m 40, lawyer, and I’m in love with the game. I beg some atention for south americas servers, I would like to thank you very much for your kindness. good job, do not allow the request to refund those people who just want to play, they love the game too, they are just annoyed because they can not log in

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