South America Servers when we'll be able to play without any problem?

Oficial server #1986 is having problems since yesterday, it took me more than a week to even be able to play on oficial servers because i was having the stuck on loading bug, and now i cant play because the server isnt up, i dont want to start on another server neither play on private one, i just want to know if it’ll be fixed.

g-portal is doing a really poor job in south america.


Oficial server #1996 is on the same page.

Funcom disappeared from the fórum since last week…

server oficial 1975 pve s.a no funciona para cuando estara arreglado:disappointed_relieved:

i dont know what kind of contract they have with g portal, but clearly we need better servers on our region. I bought the game on day 1 of early access, and since then ALL the problems i had is always server related.

I think they really are not interested in solving the problem of our servers (SA servers). Sadness for those who waited so long for the launch of the game :frowning:

Man I’m really upset about Funcom, they don’t even answer a simple question. It will totally ruim the game in South America.

Yeah…this is terrible. All servers are ruined. Can’t connect, sometimes with infinite loading screen, other times with server reboot in 30-30 minutes.
It’s a shame for us that are backing up Funcom since the very first stages of Early Access.
For those who purchased the game after the 1.0, I really feel for them.

Every problem is understandable, but we have ZERO STATEMENTS from the company.

What about boycotting Supercon for its negligence with the SA players? If they don’t give a damn for us, we should do the same to them.

the only thing I want now is to connect to the server and play, other bugs can take as long as they want to fix

They responded in another thread recently that they have hardware tied up in customs that is what the delay is and to ask people to bare with them as these things cannot happen over night.

In my opinion you are better off hosting your own private servers as like with many of these games official servers will not stick around long term as it is not financially viable for a single payment game.

Also official servers never seem to get the same love and dedication a good server host can give

We have no options for server in our region. We have only 6 servers for all south america, 4 pve and 2 pvp and all with same problem infinite load screen

That’s why you host private. That’s kinda the point you can make your own very easy and than you can control it.

Again funcom have said they are working on giving more access. But why just not host your own server so it’s reliable. I have my own it costs me nothing and I know it’s stable and I can have the same amount of active players.

There are just so many advantages to being a host I will never understand why people are against it.

I can remove a griefer
Remove bad buildings because people are dumb
Add mods that improve the game play
And so much more

South America doesnt have this option on PS4… Simple as that… Or you play official or you play official… Well… In this case you dont play… But 10 people play cuz endure being 2-3 hours trying till It log in… So they think is ALL allright

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Hmm wasn’t aware this was PS4 and not pc.

Sadly there is never a good fix for consoles

This I feel for hope they help you there

Yeah… We are Sad with this saga…

i dont think they will ever shut down oficial servers, have you played since alpha? We always had oficial servers, its like chivalry even years after the release there are still oficial servers.

we are still waiting for the fix

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