South American New servers

Is a great News that we have New 3 PVE servers in south america… O tested and seems that there is solved the infinite loading screen… But… No PvP servers? The old ones are still bugged because of the old hardware… Will we have New PS4 PVE conflict and New PvP servers?


more south america servers pvp

By logic i think they Will next create 2 more PvP and 1 pve conflict to PS4… So Will be 4/4

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Fix the infinite load screen and make same number of pvp and pve servers at least, please!!!

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I’ll have to play PVE then… I cant play on pvp servers anymore because of the eternal loading screen. 2 weeks already and no solution for us. So i need to play and get more knowledge from this game, while they get pvp fixed.

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