South American Server PVP #3985

[It have stopped raining in that swamp. It was night and it was hard to see a silhouette of a woman approaching in the darkness. Lightning was the only thing that took that group of exiles out of the total pitch. He no longer had charcoal for his torches, nor did they find enough plant fiber to improvise one. They were three strong north-men who should not be afraid of a single woman, but they were in the lands of the Exile and knew in their intimate that they had fled to the wrong place and that their swords of stone could not help. “You are privileged!” They hear these words spoken by a sweet inviting voice. They feel a cold in the spine as the figure approaches. The thunderbolt reveals a pretty young woman dressed in ritualistic robes. He wore a skull mask and slung a purple dagger made of stone. “Come, dear ones, and fell Derketo’s kiss.” It was their lucky day …]
Guys, warning that the South American server PVP # 3985 is working, without loading endless, without eternal death, without the server falling. Let’s grow this community!