South of the Swamp

So I was crawling along the southern wall of the swamp when suddenly 2 ghosts showed up.
There is completely nothing in this area, except for these 2 fellows. They learned me no emote, they just pointed to some pinnacle in the swamp.

Also I noticed a vast area what actually shows as scouted on the map. But it’s outside the wall. Does anyone know what this can be about?

The two ghost figures that you encountered were two Relic Hunters. What they were pointing out was likely a hidden loot chest. When you see the ghost figures’ animation, look in the direction that they are pointing. Most often, there will be a loot chest that rises out of the ground. You have to spot it (and loot it) quickly, though, because it will sink back down into the ground if you aren’t fast.


Such areas are there for immersion. I also really like your screenshots :smiley:

There’s a bunch of random ghosts in weird places around the map :slight_smile:

Maybe an abandonned part of the map, because of lack of time and effort … The Swamp have a empty/unfinished feeling after all, especially the southern half. Could have been a perfect spot for a Pict faction, fighting Pirates and Apes …


Agreed. Seems like the silk woods could use some tribes and small camps.

What they said, few spot it’ll be sliding down a hill.

There basiclly time puzzle of sorts. You got small amount of time make it over open and loot, before it sinks down.

There are quite alot of them.

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Why folks its the site of the Black Marshlands (Bog) biome concept which Croms_Faithful devised back in his second suggestions list. Well at least I wish it was. For those who dont know what in blazes Im talking about, its here.

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