SP/Coop Thrall under the map

when u play solo/coop, if you teleport or die, sometimes thralls will go under the map.
In my opinion in sp/coop servers will be beneficial the chance to rescue the ‘under the map thrall’ without having to lose equipment.
The only way at the moment to save your thrall is activating ghost mode, make them follow you, and teleport somewhere (if you don’t teleport your thrall can die from falling out of the map it seems).

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Thanks for making this post.
I lost 2 thralls so far because of this update and 1 greater dog.

It say the thrall died (2) while it was 1 thral at the moment it happened.

Same for when you have a pillar base and someone attacks you. Since the thrall is guarding, it will glitch inside your pillar and stays there after the raid.

So as a player you cant go undermesh, as a player you cant build undermesh. But somehow the game makes your thrall guarding on a spot that is not intended to build.

Reminds me of the message ‘Your thrall needs to be placed on a walkable floor’
I can be wrong, but that isnt walkable at all.

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