SP/MP Character recreation: Option to cause prior owned structures to be destroyed

Sometimes you want to start over and recreate your character.
The trouble is (from prior experience) is that previously made structures by that character become “unusable” and that includes everything you’ve built or captured. You find yourself approaching your “old base” to discover yourself being attacked by your former pets and thralls.

It’s similar to escaping the Exiled Lands by unlocking your bracelet.
You leave and come back to find everything you built or captured is now unusable and hostile.

There should be an option to “delete” everything upon recreation to circumvent this “inconvenience” in both SP and MP.

Agreed as I do that a lot depending on updates dlc and new weapons and items come in like when pet pens came no where to place and pets not nothing able to look good but have to quit start new game and alter settings but on the side not if all decay is turned off that could make your game more challenging though about builds base and castles to seige and see if I can defeat my own self it was a livening hell hole but was a lot of challenge but have not tryed that since new patch but am thinking about it

Well that would be but I’m
On Xbox so would be nice to have thought

Oh now that’s interesting. I never thought about trying that before.

If I recall correctly, @Shadoza does the same…

Restart from Main Menu, Not in-game recreate character menu.

Using Title Screen menu to create a new character (SP) will delete all data,

Using the In-game menu will leave some after effects. (which can be handy if you want world to feel somewhat used)

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