SP NPC/player damage MTplier setting issues

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Canada]

I started trying to set up my single player game to have more “real” damage values, in other words even with 1000 armor you’ll still be in heaps of trouble. Now, i noticed if i fell from the minimum required height to be damaged by falling that it would instantly kill me. I also found that world boss creatures were indestructible even with star metal (and better) weaponry, I tried to fight a scorpion king and noticed that for the most part i couldnt even drop my shield with out being slammed by 5 really quick attacks (not that big of a problem even with the values at standard. just a little quick for a scorpion in my opinion). i have yet to try increasing the NPC damage taken vals to a higher number, but im mostly concerned with the fall damage bug. because its really starting to grind my gears.

i’ll take a look at my mods list if thats required but i cant recall adding anything that changes any NPC health values.

c to reproduce issue:
1.Player and NPC damage given multiplier set to 7.0
2.Player/NPC damage Taken multiplier set to 1.0
3.fall from a hieght just high enough to recieve damage
4.Set Player/NPC dmg given rates to 5
5. fall from min dist
6. find world boss
7. set player/NPC values back to 7 each
8. Fight world boss
9. Lower to 5
10. Attempt round 2 with world boss