Spawn a WILD Shaleback


I’ve just set up an test server to try somethings. But i have a problem, i can’t find any info on how to spawn a wild Shaleback. Any tips?

They are under the „spawn NPC“ option in the admin menue.

I don’t know the full name though.

I have looked in the Spawn NPCs in the “Admin Panel”. There is only pet Shaleback’s. But when i searched for “wild” i found Wildlife_KappaGreen and other Kappa’s. It’s confusing it dosen’t have the same name as the pet’s…

The creatures were called kappas at some point during development, I think. It’s based on the mythological Japanese monster that resembled a turtle. So the name seems to have stuck in the in-game coding, but as the pet system was added only much later, it made sense to name their game objects “shalebacks” because that’s what they’re called now.

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