SpawnPoint Blocked

#Conan Exiles Official PvP server #3521 jungle obelisk is blocked by Str8upSavage

Please assist.

is this PVP, or PVE/PVE-C. If PVP, then it is players on the servers responsibility to clear it up. PVE-C/PVE, well its an ongoing grief tactic that sucks without any resolution.

Its PVP but with the obelisk blocked you cannot teleport there because you will die as they boxed it in with tier III walls so if it isn’t raid time then you are screwed.

because the way they have it boxed in as soon as you teleport to the obelisk you are trapped with no escape unless it is raid time and you can destroy the door
but if it is anywhere from 1100-459 EST (PvP raid time) you might as well just die.

Funcom’s official stance on the official servers is here:

Basically your on your own to sort it out on an official server. This is what WhatMightHaveBeen’s reply means … if you are on a PvP server then destroy the structure during raid hours from the outside. Until it is not blocked, do not use the map room to port there.

Personally if I found an obeslisk blocked in then I’d put a sign by all my map rooms for that obelisk saying: don’t port here, it’s a trap. (To remind me.) And then every so often when close to the blocked area I’d re-check to see if it was still blocked.

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