Spear nerf and buff to other weps and heavy armors

Nerf spear. Spear is too over powered. And i can be sure that it will be after testlive patch is out. it only nerfs 2 first attacks. and spear is still too fast. + that reach. reach is not issue. but you really cannot counter spear in anyway. and one good nerf would be that spear stamina regen is diffrent than others. or spear users would not have roll on dodge in any armor.
one of my ideas is that you take some of spear debuffs out. and armor penetration taken off. spear still have reach on its advantage.
shields should get big buff. stamina regen example. slower but still some stamina regen. then there should be reason to use shield. and while blocking shield users should have much more armor.
or armor penetration dont have any effects on shields. then there should be reason to use shields.
heavy armor buff is going to be needed. and upcoming buff to heavy armors is not going to be that much in my oppinion.

theres no way to counter spear.
i think shield should be one way to counter spear and all other weps. but it cannot becouse reach, stamina regen issues and. And feel free to throw your oppinion here.

And summered up.
Spear need bigger nerf thats comming. Shield and heavy armor need bigger buff thats comming,

They could also give the heavy attacks a smaller hit area so its easier to dodge.

The spear nerf is already being worked on! It’s part of the Testlive patch notes.

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