Spear Vs All Weapons

**Game mode:**Online official | Online private | Single-player
Type of issue: Performance
Server type: PvP | PvE-Conflict | PvE]
Region: USA west

Though there are many reasons for everyone using Spears as their primary weapon. roll poke, etc. The real reason the spear is the best weapon is because of “reach”. the reason this is the case is because of Lag/Connection.
allow me to explain:

In the game, There is a thing called Shadow imagining, this shadow is created when the player moves from location A to B. When you attack the said player You are attacking Location A, when player is already at location B.
AKA Shadow of the player (image A) Real player (image B)
The problem is that Most Weapons have [X.] range/reach, where as Spear has [X+1] range/reach. the reason this is so important is, All other weapons are attacking the Shadow, where as the Spear is attacking the Player.

So in otherwords, If you increase the range/reach of all weapons, these weapons will now HIT the target correctly.

Thanks for reading, hopefully you either fix the Lag, or increase the range of the weapons. otherwise, you will continue to see the spear out preform all other weapons. forever.


Hey there @Alaion

As announced recently, we’re rebalancing every weapon to make it more competitive against spears.
Thanks for your feedback.


I think your explanation is great for more than one point.

The shadow aka the real player, not sure if this is also working the same for thralls, pets, npc’s and such.
What i see these last times, especially since they rolled out the patches to fix some desync probs on official, is a big desync also in fights going on.
Hard for me to explain it further, but npc’s, thralls, seems completely out-sync by moment.

Case happening this time often. Going fight with a thrall, Seper captain as exemple. Shoot any arrows to an ennemis. Thrall will run against them. When you shoot a second arrow, thrall is again behind you, running against ennemis. This can be repeated often several times.
Of course if ennemis approach lot more, then thralls will fight them effectively. But at some distance, bit like if the fighting thralls still exist twice. One near you, the other running against ennemis, near them. You see one or the other, depending.
Hard to explain more. But this happens not only on server, so nothing to do with connection. This was my fist tought, server lag. So tested in singleplayer to. Same place, same stuff, same conditions, and thralls.

Thanks for the reply,
however i heard the rebalanceing of the weapons. and that is why i commented, it wont matter if you make all the weapons more powerful than a spear by far, the reach of the weapon is why it hits targets more often then any other weapon.
Yes super armors are an awesome help.
I PvP alot, i simply explained the issue, Most weapons are hitting the shadow of the player, while the spear is hitting the player.

Anyways, i tried.

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Because its a spear.

I mean a comment like “Because its a spear” is a little trollish. Give me a minute and I’ll explain.
You think a spear should have the reach because its a spear. Yet the spear was made obsolete with the invention of plate armor. Why can a spear jabbed into a thick plate armor do any damage in game what so ever? Because its a game? If we throw logic out the window for one reply throw it out for all replies. Spears if remaining in the game should have NO EFFECT on anything HEAVY. period.


Should that not go for any weapon against heavy? I guess that is reason they added armor penetration to counter that and in truth during that time period supposedly plate armor would only cover portions of body not completely like during the period of knights and such. Even the aisians had near full body armor but they made weapons that could literally slash thru it also.

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No, it should go for all weapons. And your counter about only portions of the body being protected is null in Conan. There are only leg,body,and head attacks in game. Head attacks can only be performed with a bow. So melee weapons on a light attack are for the legs and heavy is for the body.

When talking about a spear you can only jab at the body. A leg swipe or light attack should do NO damage as its only objective is to knock you down. Because again, a spear can not slash.

All weapons should be designed to take armor type into consideration.

No, there were no weapons that could slash through steel. Ever. Asians, this isnt an anime fantasy game. Steel does not slice through steel. This has been debunked countless times. The only thing you can hope for is shotty craftsmanship and the armor or the sword to break. And a spear certainly inst designed to slash. Its only use is to jab or sweep.

Im not getting into a real life, historical debate here. I couldnt care less. Fix the darn spear already by fixing the whole system. We are tired of playing for 2 years with ONE weapon. Since the beginning dude. I dont know if you have been here the whole time but its been the one weapon to rule them all.

Armor has always been the changing factor that made one weapon obsolete over another. It should be the same here. And get rid of the darn armor penetration while ur at it. Add that to rare weapons only that require massive grinds. Yea sure I put a spike fitting on my greatsword. Because that makes sense.

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I don’t do anime I am looking at history of armor and weapons and true nothing should go thru steel except crossbow bolts made to do it or a bullet which made steel armor obsolete but majortity of the heavy armor depicted in game are layered plates or thick skins as far as mechanics in game yes this is just a game but hypothetically most armors have some form of chinks in them that can be gotten thru.

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OK sure, but thats not a reason to keep the spear, at least in its current form. its the only ranged weapons that work. Bows are to slow and they got rid of crossbows.

Do you know why bows got their nerf? Bows used to be easy to fire. If you accounted for the fall and distance you would always hit ur target even if you were moving. They also got a damage nerf, and added stamina drain. They gave us this because the spear crowed was throwing a tantrum on pvp during early access that bowmen were able to kill them before they could even get close. Funcom removed the only threat spear users had. Sure you can take out anyone if ur better than them. But that shouldnt be factored into the mechanics.

I agree on that bows have been improved on and given some utitlity with gas oil explosives and now with bows and arrows with higher damage and accuracy build I have seen people getting 1 shot from long range but yes the spear/polearm is a bit OP and is difficult to counter but hopefully they do reworks with it used to with sword and board I was able to counter it early on(after EA) but something got changed later down the road where even shield wouldn’t counter that or arrows.

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The reach of the spear should not be for direct damage on the first 2 attacks. They should be more like a jab, keeping your enemy at distance. The problem is right now it acts like a right cross instead. Plus the timing of the animations allows for me to basically with only 2 grit get off a lot of strikes (1-2, pause, 1-2 pause) without stopping if done right. just like what was it…oh yeah a jab.

There should be a trade off if they are going to keep the 1st 2 heavy strikes high on the HP spectrum. To generate that much power with the jab, one would be off balance as they are using their body to help generate power. Making one vulnerable to a major stagger if hit while doing that.

I dont care about the proformce of the spear, the spear is fine i dont care about it, im trying to explain why it Makes CONTACT while all other weapons cant. it is because of the reach, ofc you can make the spear have more reach then all the others, the point is that all the other weapons (because of lag) need reach too, maybe not as much as the spear, but mroe than they have now.

Thankyou Ignasis, it brings me joy to see that the team is taking a measured and logical response to this issue. Like many others, I believe that the best approach here is not to simply nerf the Spear time and again, but to make all weapons better and more competitive against it. Bravo on good judgement and restraint here peoples.

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