Spears/Javelins, Journey quests

Spears and javelins glitch when thrown. They remain in your quickslot circle and stay equipped after they’re thrown, but you’re unable to deal damage to enemies or throw it again. Maybe make it a stackable weapon to refresh to another spear?

As far as the Journey quests go, mine have technically reset, but I can’t redo any. Example, I was on “equip light armor,” but it went back to eat, drink and climb. I’m unable to complete the easy, drink and climb ones though.

I had the same issue with journey items but it was corrected when i logged on last night. And journey steps you have not done yet will still trigger correctly even though the screen list doesn’t update

I know they’ll trigger, but I can’t see what they are. Lol. I’m perma-crashed at the moment though, as soon as I load in I’m at the dashboard.