Spears won’t hit 4th after update

Game mode: Online, Official server
Problem: Bug
Region: LATAM

After yesterday’s update on PS4 I can’t perform 4th strike with spears (R2 button strikes).
This is really affecting the gameplay since no bleeding effect nor the most powerful hit will occur during the fight with T3 mobs.
Please help with this issue.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Wield spear
  2. Attack T3 with R2
  3. Will only hit 3 times, then stops
  4. No harder 4th strike will proc

Yep, having the same issue.

This was happening to me periodically last night while using my spear and my steel axe, my daggers seemed to work fine but only used them the once before I logged out,

Now that you mention it, R1 attack for daggers won’t jump and atrack the mobs, just make you attack at your same spot. It used to make you jump-attack enemies to get closer!

I’ve noticed this too but its not always consistent.

Happens to me with all T3 mobs, I’m getting my 26 level behind kicked so much more.

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