[Special Agent Dossier: Lady of Mists] can't be vendored or deleted

The purple/glittery version of this dossier keeps dropping from Occult Defense if you don’t use it. Which is fine, I wouldn’t mind getting rid of it when it drops. However, as mentioned in the title, you can’t vendor or delete these. Currently I have 3 of these dossiers in my bank. Even if I used one of them, I can’t do anything about the other two. Please make this dossier possible to delete.

A potential temporary work around which was used for the un-deletable/sellable valentines items is to have someone create a cabal put the items in the cabal bank and delete the cabal. Obviously a proper fix would be nicer but if your in a rush to get rid of them that should work.

That particular dossier is also untradeable.