Special Agent Dossiers from OD

Occult Defence drops special agent dossiers, of which I’ve received two different dossiers. One (Finn Mulligan) was tradeable, while the other one (Lady of Mists) was character bound.

I would expect all agents in the same category to behave the same way, so one is probably marked wrong.

Why? :v:

Seriously though, they increased the drop rate on Lady of Mists in this patch so I assume it’s supposed to encourage people to try Occult Defence for themselves.

From what I understand, she was disabled because she was bugged in some way. I was confused by the wording of the patch notes.

First of all, the fact that the dossiers you’re talking about are “Special” (shiny) have nothing to do with being bound or not bound.

For the Lady of Mists case, i saw people dropping her normal blue non-special dossier, and it was character bound as well. Considering how her dossier is not obtainable from druid booster packs, i believe that her dossier being character bound is probably intentional.