Special characters in funcom-id causes SEVERE performance issues on servers

Game mode: Online official aswell as online custom servers
Type of issue: Performance
Server type: any
Region: any
Mods?: unimportant

Bug Description:

Players who got imported to the funcom launcher, who had a special character in their name IE:
“I used a custom font from destiny 2 and had a sword in my name that rendered as a sword in destiny 2 name tag but only as squares in steam”

This caused other players looking at me (or even opening pippi admin panel where my funcom id was rendered) to go from 60 fps down to 13-14 fps.

As soon as i was not in the frame fps was normalized.

Installed Mods:

Happens regardless of mods, but you can use pippi to verify as the funcom ID shows up there for the player who has the special character.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Step 1 have the correct font-pack from a game like destiny 2 installed in windows
  2. Step 2 grab a symbol like a sword or whatever and put that in funcom-id
  3. Step 3 go to server and check if performance is affected while looking at a player.
  4. MABY it happens if another player has the same font pack, or maby not.
    I havent been able to verify if other people do have that, only that people were complaining about fps when i was around.
    So i started to remove mods until there were none, and when the only thing left that could cause it was my character, i noticed that my name rendered with squares.
    After i asked funcom to change my ID the problems went away.

Server admins might take note of this, might be a cause of many performance complaints.

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