Special discount to gift Conan to friends!

I just wanted to gift Conan to a friend but when I came on store page I saw the price now, its pretty high to give it as a gift, was hoping if there was a possibility to get a 50% discount when you own the game and want to buy a copy for a friend, sounds fair to me :wink: I don’t like to spend more as 20,- to gift a game to friends :wink:

Hope you can do something with this.

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The price is going up after May 8th, so i doubt there will be a 50% discount in the near future, as we already have a 25% discount for buying it in early access.

Games don’t usually do this kind of discount. It’s not fair to the developers, as it pretty much enables people to pay half for the game, so long as they can find somebody else with the game to gift it to them.

But I get where you’re coming from. I gifted this game to two other friends during Early Access.

If you want to gift it, then as Enyo said, buy it while it’s still in Early Access.