Specialization 2 quest part 1 bugged

One Who Wins Over Mind gave me quest, did not get fungus sample bag either to collect blue mushrooms. Did delete it, now I´m stuck there, since can´t get new quest any longer from this yutto. What should be done?


Can some1 retest the quest - by picking it and then delete? Is it just my char?

I don’t have a character in range that can pull the quest and hasn’t done it yet, so I can’t help you test that. But if you’re just after Spec 2 Book 1, you can also get it from named sided mobs at Utopolis (if you’re omni or neutral) or Nero (if you’re clan or neutral).

Guess those quests are 150 lvl max, so propably no bug. Found book 1 from inferno missions. Any idea where other parts drop? Tried ely named mobs, nothing yet. Bit nasty, that cannot get it from questing surely and need to trust on random drops.

The max level for those quests is 150 yeah, so that would explain it. All the books (not just 1) drop from named side mobs in Elysium. They also all drop from inferno missions, but in my experience that takes longer. If you’re doing them anyway though, you might get lucky :smile:

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