Specific combat pet (2500 achievement reward)


Is that it? radiant ghostfire for all? what happened to all other, I read in one old forum topic this scheme
Characters of certain Archetypes give pets:

  • Rogue -> Fleet Cinder Fu Dog, no attack, increases out of combat movement speed by +6%
  • Mage -> Defiler of Gehenna, ranged combat pet, sometimes causes low damage DoT
  • Soldier -> Rocknose, melee combat pet, sometimes interrupts spells and combos (“will occasionally interrupt the spells and combos of all foes nearby”)
  • Priest -> Radiant Ghostfire, gives ooc heal (amount unknown)

Now I did >2500 with every archetype but all were rewarded with the radiant ghostfire ( and after 2000 not 2500)
Is this supposed to be?


when you get enough achievement points you unlock the pet for that character’s archetype. you can then claim that pet thanks to the npc with all other characters. to unlock all 4 pets, you need to reach the threshold with at least 1 character of each archetype. that way you can get all 4pets with all characters.


as far as I know, pets and runestones are acc. wide. you can get them on any char. from achi guy. 2k for runestone, 2.5k for pet.

you can petition, so Gm will say something and I hope Andy B or someone conf. from funcom will drop a few words here


Normally you only need to go to the Chronicler and claim all your achievement rewards, you will get all archetype pets on all classes (and the other items like rune stones and the camel). Also, try using the update dialogues when talking to the chronicler, maybe that helps.


gosh I mistook a class for another archetype, must do a couple hundreds points to get it xD