Sped up/ Instant crafting speeds

While crafting some steel per normal i was shocked that instead of it taking the usual hour plus,
93 steel bars had been instantly completed & the required resources had been removed.
Weather or not the needed oil had been used for the furnace or not, i could not tell as i was not aware of the exact amount of oil previously.

This effect only lasted for the moment that i had tried to craft steel, as by the time i added stone into the furnace from my inventory to test if the effect persisted. It was back to normal.

I did have a T4 thrall present, however i believe this was due to another player activating some kind of 3rd party program having an effect on the server.

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This happens from time to time. It’s a minor bug, not someone cheating. It happens on official servers too.

It is tied to the LOD system. Basically, when you leave an area the game doesn’t actually keep crafting. It takes a snapshot of time when you left, what was going on and when you return into the area, it takes the difference in time and figures out what should have been crafted. sometimes it bugs, and and thinks it has to catch up, and you get the insta craft. That is what you experienced. I have noticed it will happen more frequently after i log in for first time after server restarts.


Been going on since Early Access. Should have been fixed by now.:thinking:

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Hey there,

Thanks for the heads-up, we’ll send it to our team and they’ll look into it. :slight_smile:

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