Speed hackers official server 1322

Funcom I understand all but how is possible to play game where u join the server and 9 people Run with speed hack and start kill u . I make a lot video about this but it’s really not fun u can lose a lot of servers population normal people can’t do nothing . So Battleye is a really trash if people can ez run and climbing with speedhack . So we really need your helps in this moment normal players only can seat and watch how people with speed hack kill and raid us . I can send u video in private if u need .


So, the servers are administered by gportal, not funcom, that said…

Are you sure they using speed hacks? I hope you have read the forum rules about not naming people.

Also there’s a big bug that cannot be said in forums that allow you to go fast, it’s a game bug, so for a game mechanic until it’s patched out, most of the times you find people “exploiting” it’s because they found an unintended mechanic that wasn’t “ironed properly”, this game is ultra buggy, early access level buggy, I don’t say it to say bad things about funcom, i’m just expressing the sad reality, this game in itself is awesome, but it is still at a early-access-level-quality.

I could tell you so many game breaking bugs it would make you quit the game altogether.


Speed hacks are p common thing, I can confirm it’s not a bug. It’s connected to building behind the green wall thingy. So they get this hack for another reason entirely.

Hard to call this part an exploit, when a large chunks of the map behind green wall have no building restriction. And some ppl will pay money to get there.

PM the steam ID’s to community team member


So funcom dont care like always . People run with speed hack but they cant join the game . So its really fun.

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Man I give them 2 video proof about glithers in 1313 official server . I wait like 30-35 days nothing has changed . Glithers continue play . If glithers streamer I think they dont ban them so 0 chance .

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Cheating, hacking is the Asian way, you know this and you have done your share of it also. Now you are bested and you come here displeased. Ironic isn’t it.

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I wonder why this is a thing? Why an entire culture (or so it appears) is bent this way? Who raises their children with the mind set of “be the best cheater and make us proud”?

Is it at all possible that it isn’t all a bunch of Chinese cheaters, but for some reason we just we picked them as a group to blame for any cheating in general?

The internet is a powerful way to spread misinformation. If you aren’t 100% sure of your accusation, it might be best to just label the cheaters as cheaters and not target an entire culture.

Personally though, I would like to see what the server admins see when they have to ban accounts. Is there some sort of statistic gathered on ratio of hackers to non-hackers in games, based on geography or ancestry? Yep, I’m off to the great wizard Google for answers…

This is from Counterstrike three years ago. The top countries banned. This is highest percentage of cheaters of their country’s player base. There are other charts that expand the list further, but China is very low in overall number of cheaters and percentage of gamers cheating.

I also read a study on APAC countries and philosophy of cheating. APAC countries have a much higher aversion to cheating than other regions, but of the ones that aren’t opposed to cheating, it is apparently because they are determined to beat the cheaters. Most however are likely to quit a game that doesn’t stop cheaters.

So based on that report, it is highly likely that there are very few Chinese players on any official servers.

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Hackers shut down our servers directly. They can’t enter.
1361.。。。Still on

This is not mentality or culture problem. Fundamentally there is language barrier, and fact that chinese players use domestic services, like versions of chinese youtube, chinese twitch etc.
It’s much easier for developer to “police” english speaking audience, if someone reports cheater in perfect english the “cheater” in question is much more likely to get punished.

Have you seen the chinese twitch page for conan exile? Not all chinese players do that sort of stuff, but the cheaters are solid 1/3, 1/4 of the streamers. It gets to almost 90% when you filter out PvE players. This is just bizarre. And they clearly monetary motivated by the streaming platform.

And it gets worse, issue only escalated for the past year. Because this chinese clans where such a prominent thing on official servers that are located in russia, russian players self organized in response. Now we have Russian groups that do the same stuff, to stream snipe this chinese streamers. So now we have exploit, cheats arms race.

It doesn’t matter who started this first. If you are unfortunate player who stuck on some Official East European server, you only course of action right now is to gtfo.


its 100% speedhack. Last year i reported many times how to use cheat engine in conan exiles officials. But they have not fixed it yet.

A lot people wtite to funcom about speed hack but the main problem is Battleye is trash . 1322 now with 1020 ping . So this days conan like new alpha game .
Admins rarely access servers so glitchers and cheaters can do whatever they want . As you can see, I wrote a post 3 days ago, but they did not answer me and did not ask me to link the video

So the best idea is to leave Conan for 2-3 months until all this fixes. I do not want to waste my nerves on this. Farm all day and after they raid u in speed hack .

They openly stream how they use bugs and cheats. Just keep quiet if you don’t know anything.

Please roll back the server 1322 a day ago!

Are the speedhackers rejoin every x min?

Russian 10 min can use . Chinese infinitely.

I just want a green game environment.


hold of now ,lets not comb everyone with the same brush by discriminating .im Chinese born ,lived in south Africa and now in Europe yet I don’t cheat nor like spamming idiots on entire internet.
my parents had the old Ming dynasty culture of being neutral to all this generations bull and reared me like that to.
Don’t b Trump or the old Apartheid regime.
The fact that we complain about the internet and scammers is that we all allow them our complete personal history and life’s to read and abuse like an open book. There don’t know anything about us until we fill out questions online that gives them rights and opportunities to target us via our interests like Facebook etc. There is no such thing as privacy anymore, no matter what u use or click on to make urself feel comfortable. Go of the grid and pull the plug if you don’t wish to be annoyed or seen online, and dump all electronics and gadgets that very Chinese person make cheap, that you buy too

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There are two kinds of people, one is good, the other is evil.

It’s available in any country, okay

I’m Chinese, but I’m ashamed of those who cheat. Any problems?

No one can guarantee that people in their own country don’t cheat. I even found that some foreign players have administrator rights.

In China, if there is a very interesting game, if someone cheats in it and no one deals with it in time. All real players are willing to give up the game directly or even all the games developed by the company.