Speed up Dagger animations

This is a suggestion to help Daggers become a bit more viable in everyday PVP situations. I personally do think you should carry multiple weapon types with you to help combat different situations but in my opinion daggers need help. First off I do not think Daggers need a damage buff - the current damage they do along with the bleed stacks they inflict are fine. My suggestion is to speed up the attack speed and animation speed of the daggers move set. the first light attack with the daggers is a lunge to help close the distance but its super slow and hardly ever hits when the enemy is running around you and the battlefield. Daggers are supposed to be a fast close the distance hit and evade type of weapon but they move set animations are so slow you always miss when you try and close the distance with the first light attack, they provide no “hyper-armor” during the heavy attacks so even if you are in close attacking the enemy you can still be staggered against most other weapons.

Speeding up the move set animations for the daggers will allow they type of play style intended for Daggers. Right now they are not viable because there are too many drawback when facing other weapons that usually have reach and hyper-armor over them. Daggers should be about speed just at the 2 handed sword is about damage or the Pikes are about reach.