Spell Alternatives Using In Game Animations / Assets

I think Funcom has done a fantastic job bringing Sorcery to the game, and I sincerely hope they build on their successes by adding more spells to the range already present. Adding spells with functionalities similar to those in game via current assets may be the low hanging fruit.

Here are a few that should not be too unbalancing. Curious what you all think.

Area of Effect

Healing Cloud (Same as Healing Arrow)
Smoke Cloud (Same as Smoke Cloud Arrow)
Poison Cloud (Same as Poison Arrow)
Acid Cloud (Same as Acid Arrow)
Cloud of Creeping Death (Stinging and biting Insects using same Animation with color shift to greys)
Cloud of Corruption (Adds corruption with color shift to purple)
Infernal pit (Raises temp to volcano level red/orange cloud)
Frozen Void (Lowers temp to Frost Temple level blue white cloud)
War Chant (Uses Haka dance) +15% AOE Strength damage while active)

Single Target
Breath of Zath (Crippling poison bolt)
Zath’s Embrace (Web attack)

Weapon buffs
Envenom (Reaper poison applied to weapon)
Ymirs cloak (Applies the chilling feature identical to black ice weapons)
Demonic radiance (Applies the glow feature to a weapon (red hue)

Alteration to current spells


Against buildings in pvp it weakens structures so that they are vulnerable to explosives without doing direct damage to structures or containers, does damage normally to organics.

Floating light

Increase duration, and grant nightvision.

Hope you are all enjoying this update as much as I am!

I like that lightning storm is an equalizer, but I do agree that it needs some work. Personally, I just think it needs a reduction in damage and a proper counter aside from just “be online near your base.” It also needs to stop going through meshes and ignoring things like ceilings. I’d ask funcom to fix it right away, but they have some other fires to put out first before fixing LS. Fix the current major PVP issue, then get some metrics on how LS is currently functioning, then finally balance it out.

As for new spells/spell alternatives, I want more summons! Summon spiders! Summon lizards! Summon Skeletal Serpentmen! All the summons!


It would be awesome to have some illusionary type spells.

Mass Confusion - cast upon a target or area where those affected hallucinate that bugs are crawling from under their skin and the character loses control, switching up player directional movement. I.e. up becomes left, left becomes backwards, etc.

Friend or Foe - cast upon an area and those within, enemies appear friendly and friends appear as enemies.

Conceal Self - the sorcer conceals their identity, changes the appearance of the sorcer to a random outfit and name for a period of time.

Mark of Undead - marks enemy(s) for death and upon death are ressurected as a temporary, undead minion, uncontrollable follower.

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